Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I spent New Year's Eve at the Honda Dealership getting a NEW CAR!!!! 
Well, here's the deal.  It's mine, however the hubby will likely drive it more often than I will (I allowed that since he makes the payment)  We both work quite a distance from home (that's everybody who lives in Texas, I think).  Technically, anything is at least 30 minutes away, even if it's only 15 miles.  Anyway, It's a 2012 CRV and I LOVE it.  My daughter (3 years old) has already said she thinks we should get another new car. 

I've been really slacking on this break.  Only working on a few school things, and really taking my sweet time.   Tomorrow, I plan to spend with my oldest daughter since she has a dentist appt.  We will likely go to her favorite breakfast place, "The Train Taco House" as she calls it.  They have a train theme.  Then off to shop at Target, her favorite place (shhh...mine too).  I do plan to go in to work on Thursday to actually get my office in order since the spring semester is insanely busy, with testing and evaluations, and of course, student misbehavior (the joy of my job).  I do plan to blog on Friday and get a new product done, the geometry riddles that folks have been asking about. 

It's my favorite time....

Listening - I am hoping that my baby (19 months) is finally asleep.  For some unknown reason (my husband has been holding and rocking her too much),  she has recently decided to scream bloody murder during the night so that someone will come hold and rock her.  It was 2.5 hours last night.  Umm....NO!  I made that sweet daddy handle that.
Loving - my new car - picture at the top
Thinking - where has the break gone?  I'm not ready to go back yet. 
Wanting - an iPad mini
Needing - to stay on track and lose weight.  I have lost 50 lbs about 7 years ago through weight watchers.  But 2 babies later, I have gained about 35 back.  I know what I need to do, but I have a hard time getting motivated and sticking with it.  I thought about taking pics so I can see my progress, but I fear someone will see them and I would be mortified.  I plan to set up some professional photos to be taken this summer with my family, and I am hoping that may motivate me to stay on track.  I use myfitnesspal app now.  Anyone else? 

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  1. Love your new car! So jealous, Honda's are such great cars. I love your OLW, perserverance. It's something that I think I could work on as well. Have a great time with your daughter, Target sounds like fun!!!!!


  2. Happy New Year! =) Nice car! My first car was a Honda Accord, they're great cars. I'm thinking the same thing as you, where has break gone?! I go back tomorrow.. and I'm totally not ready! Have fun tomorrow!

    I'm your newest follower!

    The Resource Room Teacher

    1. Welcome Ashley!
      I'm sorry that you are already returning but at least a holiday is coming soon.
      Off to check out your blog.

  3. Congrats on the new car. I've had a Honda before and it drove like a dream. I just love that new-car smell! Have fun at Target tomorrow (my favorite place, too.)

    1. Thanks. I have an accord too, which I love.

  4. I had to laugh at your comment about driving in Texas! I live in Texas too and even though I only drive 25 miles to school it takes me over 30 minutes! But I wouldn't trade living where I do for anything!
    Hope your baby gets back on a no-rocker schedule! :)

    Spotted Around the School

    1. I love Texas too, just comical to us that everything is 30 minutes away.

  5. I LOVE your new car!! I, too, live in Texas and currently drive a truck. I am thinking about making the move to an SUV type of car and was actually looking at the Honda CRV--would love to hear your thoughts!

    I'm excited to be your newest follower, Shannon! Happy New Year!

    Little Miss Primary

    1. I currently have an accord too. We love Hondas, but I love the space that the crv has.

  6. Congrats on your new car! I currently drive a Honda Pilot..and LOVE it! Enjoy the new car smell while it lasts. :)

    1. I wanted a pilot but started with a crv. Maybe the next new car will be a pilot.

  7. It's so gorgeous! You made a good choice in picking a high quality car maker like Honda. I hope you get to enjoy it's service for the whole year and the next years to come!

    Ernest Houston

  8. I found your blog through the Currently linky and am a new follower. I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Head over to my blog for the details.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  9. Hey! I found you through Farley's Currently. I teach in TX too. My husband actually works 5 min. from home and it's the #1 reason he stays at his job! Any other job would be atleast a 30 min. drive!

    I have a Toyota Rav4 - which is about the same size and I love it. I also have a 4 year old who has ALWAYS had sleeping issues. Maybe when she's 16 she'll sleep on her own.

    This Little Piggy Reads Alll the Way Home

  10. Just stumbled across your blog through some clicking and I LOVE coming across fellow teacher bloggers!

    For starters, CONGRATS on your new car! It's gorgeous!

    Secondly, I swear break has totally gotten away from me as well! I swear it goes by SOO quickly (yet the days NOT on break just draaagggg on endlessly!)

    YAY for Texas teachers!!!!!! But BOOOO to Texas driving... HATE IT!

    I did Weight Watchers too for about a year and lost a bunch of weight but have since gained it back. Need to get back on the wagon!!