Monday, August 17, 2015

Fun Apps

Hey All! I have been pretty busy setting up my office and going to training. Here's some pics of my

My second picture does not want to technology (when it works)

I went to some fun training last week, and got to participate in an app slam.  It was awesome.  We all researched apps that would be helpful to us in the classroom.  I found three that I really wanted to do, but we had to pick one.  I snuck mine in by using another app called Popplet.  Popplet is a visual way to create a mind map.  This is a web-based or ipad based app.  I found the features were better on the web-version.  The cool part is text, images, and videos can be embedded into your map.  Here is my popplet, which features another app called Vibby

Here's my desk

I went to some great training last week and got to participate in an app slam. I have two apps to share with yall. The first app is an iPad or web based app called popplet. It allows you or students to use as a mind map. The web-based version will save the popplet. The best feature is that it allows images and/or videos. I created one to present the app I chose. There were so many apps it was hard to choose. 
Here is the one I created

Funny part about my app slam is that Friday we received a postcard for my daughter from her teacher to welcome her to first grade. Her teacher had used an app that was presented in our slam. It's called Aurasma and it allows you to make interactive notes/images including 3-D figures. Here's a video 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bulletin Boards....What the heck will I put up this year? (You don't have to brainstorm....Here's a giveaway)

I have to say that I have seriously slacked on my blog writing this last year.  I was at a new job in a new district and opened a new school.  Can you say stress?  This summer has been flying by and I am trying to get my mind wrapped around going back to the classroom.  Those friends who know me in real life, know that I have been in administration for the last eight years.  I am returning to my beloved elementary level this year and will be a Collaborative Learning Leader.  I get to interact with students (not about discipline....YES!!!!) and help teachers with their instructional craft.  I cannot be more excited.  I truly feel that this is where I am supposed to be and utilizing my strengths.  With that being said, we are selling our house and moving about an hour south of our current house.  I am sad to leave the closeness to my parents but excited for a fresh start and hoping that moving to a small town will benefit my family and bring a slower pace to our lives.  So....we are currently selling our house and hoping to move soon, but it looks like it'll be the end of August when moving occurs.....Did I mention that I am a magnet for stress?  Gotta laugh about it, or I might cry. 

I will be going to work tomorrow to set up my new room.  I always get excited to think about what I will put on my bulletin boards.  I know most teachers think of that last, but that's my first thought.  I think I try to avoid the rest of the work. ;)

So....I am going to use my Key Words Math Sort to use as a bulletin board.  I later use it for a station activity to review math vocabulary.


When I decide to change up my bulletin board, I use the words in a station sort activity.  I don't use all the words at once since it can be overwhelming with so many. 
I always start with the easier words in the station and work our way to the words that can be used for two operations

Afterward, I use it as part of my word wall during the year

There are 58 total cards with two doubles.  For example, the key word - Total is double since I really want my kids to realize that total can mean both sum and product.  I am always amazed by the complex and deep conversations that this activity creates for the groups of students during stations.  Sometimes, I have the groups write their answers on butcher paper and hang them up for a few days.  I did include a cut, sort, and glue evaluate piece if you needed that. 

Math Journal
I use math journals in my classroom.  My goal for their journal is to be a resource they use throughout the year, and it must have just as much (if not more) of their writing in it as print out/notes I give them.  Key words, like context clues, help us to make sense of these tricky word problems.  We add these words to our journals and we continue to add words we encounter later in the year as well. 

This is just a starting list.   We add to it throughout the year, and I see my students use it often to help when they get stuck. 
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Winner!!!! Cyber Monday Sale!

We have a winner!!!! Kelly Malloy
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Number Comparison Game & Problem-Solving FREEBIE!!!

Sorry folks, I've been gone awhile, but I've been busy with my newest game.  A few teachers asked me to come up with a center activity that would be easy for students to do without much help, and yet challenging enough to peak the interest of those GT kids.  We all know number sense is the key to success in math, therefore I play games all the time that focus on number sense.  Here is the skinny

1.Game play is ideal for two players. 

2.Players shuffle the cards (face down).

3.Players equally divide up the cards (face down).

4.Player sitting on the left is the player representing "less", player sitting on the right represents the "more" player.

5.Both players turn over their top card in their stack and lay it on the blank squares on the game board.

6.Players determine together the comparison symbol.  If the cards are equivalent, they get shuffled back in each players set that is yet to be played.

7.One player rolls the di to determine if “Less” or “More” wins the set.

8.Players stack the cards on the side that won the set.

9.Player with the most cards at the end, wins.
The best part about this game is that it is completely customizable.  I've included numerous representations of numbers, including pictorial, numeric, and word form of all cards.  There are over 400 playing cards, which I continue to add to daily.  Here's some pictures of the endless possibilities.
Number Lines
Challenge those smarties!
Some are just word form for my intermediate grade levels.
As you can see the possibilities are endless.  Here's a preview.  There are over 400 playing cards, the preview has an example of each type of card.  Click on the preview picture to get your copy!  It will be on Sale on Cyber Monday!  Until then, enter to win a copy!

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My teachers have asked me to put our math problem-solving guide on paper.  We use it daily, but I needed the break to add some sparkle to the little guy.  Worst picture ever :( no that's not laundry on my floor
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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Beauty of Math

I'm working on a couple of freebies for my fellow teachers.  I'll be posting the links once I get them uploaded.  But....I wanted to share this video that I LOVE

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Got This! Token Behavior Contract Giveaway!

I bought some peppermint mocha creamer and I just couldn't wait till morning, so I am enjoying a cup of decaf with my holiday creamer.  I LOVE this time of year!  The weather is cooler (sometimes - I'm in Texas so it changes daily).  I really need to get my girls to the pumpkin patch.  My sister brings her kids too and we do it ever year, but we better get there soon before the time gets away.  I have been under the weather recently and had all sorts of tests that my doctor wanted to do since I could not beat my chronic fatigue.  I am feeling like a new woman since starting some of things she suggested.  For example, I started taking a multivitamin and a B complex.  I need to take something for my memory because since I had my girls, I cannot remember anything.  Oh...yeah....that reminds me that I need to get back on topic. 

I had a teacher request to make a behavior contract for a preK student in her class who hardly speaks.  His parents speak Spanish primarily but mom speaks English, as well.  Seeing that my background is intermediate grades, I had to draw on my mom experience.  Since my oldest is four, I thought about what would work with my girls.  I am also a super organized person (anxiety will come on like a freight train if it's not organized) I went to Target and bought a little tub and the lid locks on, it's made be sterlite
Not sure why the picture is not rotated correctly, it is when I upload it.
I wanted the chart to be a half a page so I could print two on one page, gotta save paper
I brainstormed as many rewards as I could and even asked my daughter what she wanted.  The thing with behavior contracts is that you have to find the student's currency, what will they work for?  This could change every week or daily, therefore this contract has numerous rewards to work for. 
The student first decides what they will be working for be sure to take out any rewards that you are not willing to give (example: painting or playdough).  The student attaches their reward onto the reward box

This example shows the student is working for a reward of taking their shoes off.  I chose to use a signal so that I would not have to stop teaching to tell the student they earned their token.  I use a thumbs up symbol.  When I give the student the signal, they add their token (lego with Velcro attached)
When they earn five tokens, they get their reward.  For some students, they may need to be earning tokens every five minutes, whereas others could earn all five in one day.  The key is the reward must be immediate when they earn it and that you never take a token away.  If you plan to use it on a student who needs many reminders, every time they earn their reward - they begin again. 
1.  They choose a reward (it may be the same as the last one, or completely new).
2.  Earn tokens 
3.  Reward
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Behavior Contracts

I apologize for being so absent lately. I have been exhausted. Shocktober can be that way. I have a list of requests to work on from some of my rock star teammates. I just finished up a behavior contract for a preK student. I've used this type of contract with about 5 kids within the last two years. I need to finish up my description and upload it (hopefully this weekend), but here's a sneak peek