Monday, August 17, 2015

Fun Apps

Hey All! I have been pretty busy setting up my office and going to training. Here's some pics of my

My second picture does not want to technology (when it works)

I went to some fun training last week, and got to participate in an app slam.  It was awesome.  We all researched apps that would be helpful to us in the classroom.  I found three that I really wanted to do, but we had to pick one.  I snuck mine in by using another app called Popplet.  Popplet is a visual way to create a mind map.  This is a web-based or ipad based app.  I found the features were better on the web-version.  The cool part is text, images, and videos can be embedded into your map.  Here is my popplet, which features another app called Vibby

Here's my desk

I went to some great training last week and got to participate in an app slam. I have two apps to share with yall. The first app is an iPad or web based app called popplet. It allows you or students to use as a mind map. The web-based version will save the popplet. The best feature is that it allows images and/or videos. I created one to present the app I chose. There were so many apps it was hard to choose. 
Here is the one I created

Funny part about my app slam is that Friday we received a postcard for my daughter from her teacher to welcome her to first grade. Her teacher had used an app that was presented in our slam. It's called Aurasma and it allows you to make interactive notes/images including 3-D figures. Here's a video 

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