Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Got This! Token Behavior Contract Giveaway!

I bought some peppermint mocha creamer and I just couldn't wait till morning, so I am enjoying a cup of decaf with my holiday creamer.  I LOVE this time of year!  The weather is cooler (sometimes - I'm in Texas so it changes daily).  I really need to get my girls to the pumpkin patch.  My sister brings her kids too and we do it ever year, but we better get there soon before the time gets away.  I have been under the weather recently and had all sorts of tests that my doctor wanted to do since I could not beat my chronic fatigue.  I am feeling like a new woman since starting some of things she suggested.  For example, I started taking a multivitamin and a B complex.  I need to take something for my memory because since I had my girls, I cannot remember anything.  Oh...yeah....that reminds me that I need to get back on topic. 

I had a teacher request to make a behavior contract for a preK student in her class who hardly speaks.  His parents speak Spanish primarily but mom speaks English, as well.  Seeing that my background is intermediate grades, I had to draw on my mom experience.  Since my oldest is four, I thought about what would work with my girls.  I am also a super organized person (anxiety will come on like a freight train if it's not organized) I went to Target and bought a little tub and the lid locks on, it's made be sterlite
Not sure why the picture is not rotated correctly, it is when I upload it.
I wanted the chart to be a half a page so I could print two on one page, gotta save paper
I brainstormed as many rewards as I could and even asked my daughter what she wanted.  The thing with behavior contracts is that you have to find the student's currency, what will they work for?  This could change every week or daily, therefore this contract has numerous rewards to work for. 
The student first decides what they will be working for be sure to take out any rewards that you are not willing to give (example: painting or playdough).  The student attaches their reward onto the reward box

This example shows the student is working for a reward of taking their shoes off.  I chose to use a signal so that I would not have to stop teaching to tell the student they earned their token.  I use a thumbs up symbol.  When I give the student the signal, they add their token (lego with Velcro attached)
When they earn five tokens, they get their reward.  For some students, they may need to be earning tokens every five minutes, whereas others could earn all five in one day.  The key is the reward must be immediate when they earn it and that you never take a token away.  If you plan to use it on a student who needs many reminders, every time they earn their reward - they begin again. 
1.  They choose a reward (it may be the same as the last one, or completely new).
2.  Earn tokens 
3.  Reward
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