Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Improper Fractions

I am officially back to work.  I've been in professional development since yesterday.  I think I may be a little strange.  Ok...let me frame this for you.  We are in the Langford training, which focuses on changing the way we teach.  We have been discussing peeking students' curiosity.  I thought since this was the topic, that I would share at my table what my current thoughts while at the training.  The conversations went like this.....

Me:  Do y'all ever wonder which toilet paper roll will empty first?  I mean does it make you curious to know which roll more people use (the place has four rolls on a stick, like a paper towel dispenser - so you could use any of the four).

Everyone at my table thank god these folks know and love me in my awkward way:  Blank stares and then a unanimous NO

Me:  Really?  Do you think the texture of the various rolls makes a difference?  Did you notice there are two different patterns/textures?

Everyone:  NO

So now I'm thinking....Shannon - there are things that maybe you should keep in your head. However, everyone at my table would tell me upon their return from the ladies room, which roll was lowest.  I am getting some data.  On the way home,  I was thinking that I wonder the statistics of which stahl is used most often.  Advertising companies should want to know that.  Ok....enough of my weirdness.

I had a few folks ask me to add another concept to my Rev Up Notebook.  I added mixed numbers and improper fractions.  I added an additional 5 pages to the file.  Here's a pic of one way to set up these cards. 
Again, all the activities can be adjusted to suit your grade level or student needs.  If you already have purchased the file, download it again to get the updated pages. 

Next time, Math Journaling...yes!!!!

BTW...I'll take a picture of the rolls, and you can tell me your guess. 

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