Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Prep for CAMT!

Funny and true story!  My co-presenters for CAMT started texting me this weekend about getting everything laminated and prepped.  I thought...gosh these two ladies are eager, aren't they?  as I sit enjoying my wine and doing absolutely nothing.  Yesterday, I had to go to work to help with interviews and one of my co-presenters (Shinny) comes in looking for our laminating key it's in a top secret hiding place during the summer She proceeds to tell me that she will see me Wednesday morning and she'll take a carmel machiatto from Starbucks.  I say, "You mean next Wednesday, right?"  She says, "No...it's this week."  So me (being all-knowing), proceeds to show her on my calendar on my phone that I have it marked for next Wednesday.  She persists that it's this Wednesday.  Again me (being so smart), "I'll look online".  Insert slap on the forehead and duh expression.  She was right.  Boy....I'm glad I didn't schedule any appts for this Wednesday.  Needless to say, I've been running around buying relish and cutting laminated hot dogs all day.
I do have to say, my team is awesome!  I think I am pumped to do this now after the initial shock.  Shinny also told me that my team plans on me doing all the talking, I'm not prepared for that though.  I've presented at CAMT before, I can do this!  I'll take some pics of our activity and maybe some bloggy friends who we meet up with!

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  1. no more hotdogs.....ha ha ha! Can't wait...ok ok I can wait, but I am looking forward to that machiatto!!!