Monday, July 22, 2013

Rev Up Your Grey Matter Pages & A First Day Place Value Freebie!

I had a few folks request some more pictures of how I set up my Rev Up notebook.  There are numerous ways to set it up but here's how I did it. 

Monday - I plan to put a few different manipulatives in their pocket throughout the year.  I put buttons in today just to change up the pictures for patterning to show another way to utilize the page.
This page (left) is hard to see, the glare is bad (Sorry).  This page focuses on place value of specific digit, estimating sum/difference, and rounding.  The page on the right is completing a number line with the given number in two different spaces.  I use the number line to teach numerous skills (rounding, adding, subtracting, etc) and feel it's essential.  I included the pattern of multiplying by 10 and 100 because I want my students to learn the pattern.
The final page for Monday is ordering given numbers least to greatest and greatest to least.  They are two different sets of numbers, therefore they can't just write it the opposite way the second time....muhahaha
Tuesday's activities focus on patterns, rules, and operations.  You can use numbers and/or shapes/colors depending on your level of students.  I used buttons today just to show how you can change it up.
The back of the patterning page, I put a work space page to help with their operations practice.  I have included numerous given problems, but also blank cards in case you want to write your own - depending on your level or specific student need.  Glare is bad again (sorry)  We use Singapore math strategies, which focuses on the value of the tens and ones - in case you are wondering...what the heck is that work.
Like I said, your students may not be ready for division right away but you can make your own problems on the blank cards if needed.  The robots are my and the kids favorite activity - it focuses on understanding place value.  The students manipulate the cards to form the largest possible number, next largest, and then smallest.  That next largest always tries to trick them.  I also do this with paper plates and four digit numbers. 
Wednesdays - is a mix of skills.  I chose comparing number sentences, pictorial representations (dominos), and coins.  I included same coin cards and mixed coin cards. 
The following page is comparing fractions, which can be adding fractional parts with like denominators and unlike, or ordering fractional parts.  The possibilities are endless.  I started with what is the fraction eaten? fraction left?
Comparing two like fractions
Adding two like fractions (without reducing) 
On the right, I have a venn diagram that I use for various tasks...this picture shows the multiples/skip counting of 2s and 3s.
This page has a triple venn, which I use for comparing and ordering three fractions amongst other things. 
The last page on my orange day is comparing three fractions by converting them to have like denominators.  You can adjust this to suit your needs.  If you don't need this page, replace it with another activity or leave it out completely. 

Green Day - my favorite This page focuses on input/output tables - the rule and missing value.  I made the input/output tables where the students really had to understand the rule and not just see a pattern vertically.  They will have to calculate the actual output.  I included some blank ones as well so that you can make your own if needed.  Elapsed time is included (here it is currently a fourth grade skill, but it previously was a third grade skill and it will likely be back to third when the TEKS change again)  I also gave mine a given time and I ask if it's before, during, or after the elapsed time.  Just trying to get their grey matter thinking.
On the back, I have finding the sum of given times and comparing them.  Time on a digital clock, which should be an easy skill but still need the practice.  Temperature change over time is the last skill.  I included blank thermometers so that the teacher or students can fill in the intervals and the temp.  glare is really bad (again...I'm sorry)
The next two are just quick check for understanding.  First, I will give a time on the board and they will put it on their clock.  We need lots of practice since students struggle with that hour hand moving.  You know what I'm talking about.
Input/output table - I get my students to make up their own input/output tables and trade with a tablemate and the partner has to write the rule at the bottom. 
Friday - is my quick activities since it's mainly assessment day.  Here's my pages, but again you can mix and match whatever pages work best for you.  I did include a quadrant with all four areas. 
I'm sure you're wondering about my little graphic down here.  I use it to teach multi-step conversions. 

I hope this helped.  I need to see it to understand.  I think I printed about 30 extra pages before I finally decided what to put in.  Don't tell my hubby, we need ink!

Here's the preview if you want to see all that's included

First Day Freebie

I play this game daily as a wrap up.  The students beg to play and this can be used in any grade level.  My middle school kids LOVED it too. 

You will need one ten-sided die.  Looks like this and you can click on the picture if you need to order some.  I grabbed mine from my local comic book store.
Next print off a class set and laminate these puppies you'll use them a lot.

I also have a game board without the place value if your students don't need the labels.    Here's the directions.  Click on the directions to go get your copy for FREE!  You won't be disappointed. 
Hit me back if you have any questions or comments!
Thanks, friends.


  1. I bought your Rev up Your Grey Matter - it looks great!
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Let me know if you need a specific skill and I'll update the file and then you can download it again.

  2. Replies
    1. I needed it to be as good as your Rise and Shine binder, which is pretty amazing.

  3. I am so glad I found your blog through Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. I already have your Grey Matter unit in my wishlist. Waiting for a sale (wink wink). You have a great product!!!
    Be Well

    1. I am adding some requests to the notebook. I believe TpT will likely have a back to school sale soon, and I usually run one in conjunction, but I'm not sure when.

  4. I started using the Rev Up Your Gray Matter notebooks last week and we love them!!! My kids are catching on so quickly--happy teacher here! I have a question--I used normal sheet protectors, but the dry erase pen is rubbing off when the kids turn the page. Do you know of a better product or is that what you use, too? Maybe it's my pens?