Sunday, August 25, 2013

Math Journaling and Key Words

Well....I feel very out of sorts.  I'm not sure about the rest of y'all but my summer went by WAY too fast.  I had appointments almost weekly between both my daughters for their ears/tubes.  Our kids come back on Tuesday, so at least I have tomorrow to tidy up a bit and prepare.  We are doing a huge breakfast for our staff tomorrow so this may be a short post. 

Math Journaling....
After the first few items in their math journal (multiplication chart, and factor Ts), we start discussing those pesky word problems and how we tackle them.  I mentioned before that my goal of their math journal is to be a resource they use throughout the year, and it must have just as much (if not more) of their writing in it as print out/notes I give them.  Key words, like context clues, help us to make sense of these tricky word problems.  Rather than just have my kids list out the key words, I have them do a sorting activity call Who Knows Key Words?

There are 58 total cards with a two doubles.  For example, the key word - Total is double since I really want my kids to realize that total can mean both sum and product.  I am always amazed by the complex and deep conversations that this activity creates for the groups of students.  Sometimes I have the groups write their answers on butcher paper and hang them up for a few days.  I did include a cut, sort, and glue evaluate piece if you needed that.  Next we put these words in our math journals,

This is just a starting list.   We add to it throughout the year, and I see my students use it often to help when they get stuck. 

I, then use it as a super cute bulletin board outside in the hall.  Which I never change until testing time.
My teammate hung it on her wall in her room.
Here's a preview.  It'll be on sale through Wednesday. 

Have a great First Day!!!!



  1. Those are really cute~ I hope you have a great first day as well!

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