Monday, September 23, 2013

Sharpen Up Your Vocabulary Skills! I have been in a few classrooms and I've watched students copy words from the glossary of the book. Success in Math depends on if the natives speak the language. You know math is its own language. Well, let's not kid ourselves

So my goal was to make vocabulary more engaging and to make something I could use throughout the year to spiral back in my stations.  I also realized that many vocabulary words are covered repeatedly.  I also wanted to incorporate how I utilize my math journal to help with vocabulary. here's the skinny

I created sets of 3 cards, which include the word, definition, and visual example.  I color-coded them to help kids narrow down the choices and to help my ELL kids.  There are 138 words in the file, which covers vocabulary from 2-5 grade.  Included are odd/even, prime/composite, sum/difference/product/quotient, divisor/dividend/quotient/remainder, graphs, geometry, measurement, etc.  If there are words you can think of that are not included, let me know and I'll add it to the file, but I think I have thought of almost ever word.  Here's an example of a set of three
This is how I recently utilized them.  I print out the cards that currently go with my curriculum.  Right now, place value is the big idea.  I cut and laminate them.  I give every student one card for this set.  They then have to find their partners (word, definition, and visual picture)
Sorry it's so blurry.  Then we add these to our math journals.  First we fold blank paper into four long strips.
Then we cut them and fold them in a tri-fold or z.
We then add the word to the first section
Then the definition behind the word and example on the facing side to the definition

Glue is last
Here is what a page in our math journal looks like
The kids love these.  I do have some already printed, which I give to my sped and dyslexic students who have trouble with transfer. 

As the year goes on, I spiral back to the vocabulary.  I put the previously learned vocabulary in my stations.  First, I do matching the word and definition
Then to increase their application skills, we match word and visual example
I thought I might put them on a ring by my door and also use them as a question out the door. 

Here's a preview, but it's so big you can't really see all 138 words.  Click on the preview to get your copy today, it's on sale!

Since I am so excited about this newest addition to my store, I am doing a giveaway!  Friday is Fair Day (I'm off!!!! Woohoo!!!), the giveaway will end on Friday!

Good Luck!

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