Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flying Pigs & Circus animals…What?

Flying Pigs & Circus animalsWhat?


So this weekend started off a little crazy.  I thought I’d spend Friday (Fair day) working on some goodies for my math teachers.  Well, daughter #2 ran fever from shots, so Friday ended up being a mommy-daughter shopping day.  Btwgrandma came too.  Fun for all the girls! 

I have a few teachers who ask me for the games we play in my room, so I’ve been working on them.  Here’s the first one that my kids beg me to play on a daily basis.  We call it Let’s play pig!
I have the game boards laminated so that every student has one.  we use expo markers to keep track of our score.  This is a whole class game, which I use as a brain break or those last five minutes that no one (including myself) wants to do anything.  You'll need to 6-sided dice, and I roll under a document camera (keeps us all honest :) The entire class stands up.  Each round the students choose when to sit (which signifies that they are taking those points).  Did I mention this is great to get the wiggles out???
So now (Round one) I roll both dice.  If the dice are different, we add the digits.  If the dice are the same, we multiply.  For Example, let's say I roll 3 and 4.  Different so the score is 7.  If I rolled 4 and 4, the score is 16. the kids sit and write their score or they can choose to stand and try to more points (hints the name...being piggy!)  So...what signifies the end of the round you ask?  If I roll a 1, whomever is standing gets zero points for that round.  That round is over.  Yes..this can happen to everyone on the first roll of the round.  Here's the doozy, whomever is standing and i roll snake eyes (double ones), they lose all the points from every previous round.  Yikes!  I make my kids keep a running total (as to not take Forever at the end).  The student with the highest score wins (they usually get to roll the next time we play).  This is a great freebie! 
The kids always love this game too.  I say it looks like a circus because it's fun and everyone has a different strategy to win.  we play this one before math warm up daily!  Yes...I said daily, did I mention they love it??? You'll need a ten-sided die for this one.  it's a great way to review place value and probability.  So, like Pig, I laminate the game boards and use expo markers.  I roll the die and the first roll (round one) must be placed in the ones place at the top of the game board.  See
Then on to round two.  I roll again (let's say 8).  Now each student has to decide whether to put the 8 in the ones or tens place.  The goal is to make the largest number.  this is a great opprotunity to bring in some probability.  i roll again (let's say 9)...hehehehe.  Most kids put that 8 in the tens.  Discuss what would be the largest/smallest number we could have made?  I make my students put a star by the round/row if they made the largest possible number.  After the five rounds, they total all the rounds (this can take awhile since there will be regrouping).  I ask the kids to raise their hands if they believe they have the largest sum.  we write their sums on the board and discuss why they do or do not have the largest sum using our place value knowledge. 

Both these games are freebies so go grab !

have a great week!  more games to come!