Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Everyone Loves a Deal!!!!

Since I’m a newbie, let’s try this linky party thing!  I have a few freebies to contribute.  Most of my freebies are fun math games to get students to enjoy the math (while secretly learning...wink, wink).  My first freebie is called Four Square Math Game
It helps build number sense.  it includes two game boards for both primary and intermediate grades!
Here's a picture of the game board!
I recently posted about my other two freebies. but here they are for new followers.  Let's Play Pig!  It's a great brain break or transition activity. 
Last Freebie is my newest creation, which is Place Value Circus Game!  This will become a daily activity and the kids will beg you to play.  It helps build their understanding of place value and greater than/less than.  Want more freebies