Thursday, October 4, 2012

CAMT! Here I Come!

I'm so excited. I'm gathering up my best peeps to present with me this summer at CAMT (Conference for the Advancement of Math Teachers). That probably sounds like a nerdy conference but its so awesome. I presented three years ago when it was in San Antonio last. They asked me again (blush, blush). it's a three day conference and we (my team) will present half day one day and can attend the other 2.5 days. This conference is one of my favorites because it's focused on helping teachers hone in on improving math instruction. There's so many breakout sessions. It may all be in my head but I feel pretty proud when I have my presenter badge on. I hate to say it, and most folks who know me would never guess since I talk non-stop, but I have a horrible anxiety about presenting in front of colleagues. Put me in front of kids, piece of cake, but adults...not so much.  I love working with teachers because math is my passion and I want everyone to love math too.

Another great conference is the middle school conference. Love it!!!!!
Anyone have any favorite conferences? Ones you want to attend but never have?

I really want to go to Singapore Math Convention but it's in Vegas each year and I'm sure my district will say no.

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