Sunday, October 7, 2012

Things may be getting spooky!

Things may be getting spooky!

So I was thinking about how my students struggled with the concept of fractions.  why do fractions intimidate them so much??? hmmm.  I was also enjoying our unseasonable cool weather (piece of heaven here).  We visited the pumpkin patch today, and i realized that i love fall!!!!!  Back to fractions - sorry for the squirrel moment (those who work with me will understand that comment!)  So i thought of a great activity to play with my kids, and later put in my math tubs.  I wanted it to kinda have a halloween theme, so I looked for inspiration (other than pumpkins)'s where I got it....
that's my youngest in her pjs.  So here is my newest addition to my goodies!
So I created 4 cards per fraction.  The cards include 1 question card, 1 pictorial representation, numeric representation, and word form.  Here's what they look like...
I've included 48 cards, in case you want to play with the entire class to introduce the game.  It would be great for math tubs.  Remember, Fractions aren't scary!

Another great video from my favorite math nerdy....
Hexaflexagons! (my three year loves this video...maybe she'll be a smarty pants (a mom can dream.)

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  1. aw! I see fast moving feet! What a cutie! Your game looks like such a fun way to learn and review fractions!