Tuesday, October 16, 2012

working hard!

working hard!
Is it just me or does this time of year seem to be insane.  The school year is in full swing and before we know it, christmas will be here.  my daughter reminds me daily that santa will be here soon.  Last week, like this week, seem to go by fast. 
anyway, back to math.  I spent the day today helping a struggling student with academic and behavior concerns.  I decided to work on number sense with him since he usually avoids his math because like many kids math can be challenging.  he didn't realize he was practicing his math skills because he figured they were riddles.....hehehe.  This is a great activity to make students really think, while working on subtraction skills and understanding of greater than and less than.  I know some may get upset, but yes...  i do let kids write on the desks with expo markers sometimes.  here's a pic of his work....
Sorry pics are so grainy.  Here's another
the activity has 24 question cards and 24 answer cards.  i usually put it in a math tub/center.  It's called Who Am I?

Leaving you tonight with a thought, let's make kids think about math in ways they never have before!

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