Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cyber Sales Coming Up!!! Free Behavior Contracts!!!

Today is my first day of vaca!  I'm jealous of all the folks with the whole week off, but you can be envious of me when our year is over in May.  hehehe!

So excited to be linking up with The 3am Teacher to announce the cyber sales on TPT!

I will be discounting my products by 15% and use the code CMT12 to get another 10% off for a total of 25%.  Most of my products are fun activities to use in centers.  My best selling item, which my kids and I both adore is Math Wizards - Puzzling Math Riddles.  Here is the preview

I included a recording sheet, which students use to make a guess and check it with the given clues. 
We are fortunate to have 5 itouches in our classrooms, so the QR codes on the cards can be scanned to determine if they have the correct solution. 

Another new product Puzzling Fractions & Decimals Match Up

Students match the word form, pictorial representation, fraction, and decimal form.  I have purposely not reduced all fractions so that my students can see the connections between seven tenths and seventy hundredths, for example.  Again, I've included two recording sheets to keep my kiddos accountable.  The recording sheets are different.

Another great activity, which focuses on building number sense and understanding of subtraction is
Who Am I? Building Number Sense

I do have some great freebies in my store too.  Those items are usually whole class activity/games. 

I have so many items on my wish list - I hope I don't spend too much.  I know I am eyeing....

Head over to 3AM Teacher to link up!

So recently many of my teachers have been asking me for some behavior and/or work contracts.  I've used so many over the years that I've put together some for them and wanted to share with y'all.  I feel like this should all be freebies since classroom management is so critical and sometimes it's challenging for even the strongest of teachers.  I will upload them to my store, and I'll try to leave them in editable form so that you can change the behavioral target.  These contracts will work if you stay consistent and the reward is worth it to the student.  The biggest challenge is finding a reward the student is willing to work for.  I tell teachers often, that the reward may need to change every two weeks to continue to be effective.  Some kids will work for time on the computer/itouch, hawk bucks (school store), help a former teacher, time to draw, etc.  So, here are a few.

 Enjoy!  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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