Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back to Work Till When...

So here it is, our short break has come to an end.  I really got an extra day, if you can call it that - I stayed home yesterday with a sick 18 month old.  Guess that's not a day off.  Anyway - I thought I'd work on some new goodies for my teachers and store, but I've had so much trouble focusing on one concept.  First, it was an addition center using left to right method for Singapore, then it was pattern and relationship questions for ticket out the door.  I moved on to another addition center that focused on building number sense.  I think I need to stop all the squirreling moments and really focus!  I have now focused on a game focusing on comparing fractional parts since our students struggle with that concept.  BIG SECRET...they struggle in middle school with this too.  I am trucking away on another center activity for the lower grades on using number bonds to add quickly.  I'll post some previews when I get closer to done.  On to some more blog fun....so I was nominated (twice;) for an award.

Here's the rules...
1) You must post 11 random things about yourself
2) Answer the questions that the nominator created for you
3) Create 11 questions for the people you nominate
4) Choose 11 blogs you love that have less than 200 followers and link them to your post
5) No tag back.. but please leave a comment on THIS post with the URL of the Liebster so I can learn more about you!

Here goes...
1.  I lived in Alaska as a child
2.  I longed to be an Actuary while in college(nerdy - I know)
3.  I have an older sister
4.  My favorite movies include Jaws and Aliens
5.  My favorite place in the world is Maui
6.  I am working hard to drop 40 lbs.
7.  I ran cross-country in high school - now I only run if someone is chasing me
8.  I worked as a bank teller for 5 years in college. 
9.  I have two step-sons (23&21) - shocking since I have two children in daycare as well as college
10.  My favorite quote of all time - "When People Show You Who They Really Are - Believe Them, The First Time." ~Maya Angelou~

11 questions from my nominees
1. Sweet or salty?  Salty - love chips!!!!
2. Beach or mountain house?  Beach house on Maui
3. What is your favorite season? Why?  I love Fall
4. What kinds of things do you collect?  I collect ornaments every year.  I collect cool rocks - I loved Geology
5. Coffee or tea? Hot or cold?  Both.  Hot coffee.  Tea - hot or cold as long as it's sweet (I am a Texan)
6. What would your ideal vacation be?  I would love to visit Ireland
7. What's the most recent book you have read?  I have read the Fundamental Five and now I'm reading Outliers (again)
8. Target or Walmart?  Target. 
9. Funniest thing that ever happened in your class?  Gosh...there are so many times we laugh.  I so enjoy my students and being "Real" with them. 
10. Early riser or like to sleep in?  I'd love to sleep in, but my girls always have me up by 6:00 am (weekends too)
11. Favorite sweet to make during the Christmas holidays?  Cranberry Salad - secret family recipe...I might share it with y'all. 

Here are my questions for my nominees:
1.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
2.  What's your favorite movie?
3.  What famous person (dead or living) would you like to meet?
4.  Do you like eggnog?
5.  What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
6.  PC or Mac?
7.  What is one thing on your Christmas list?
8.  Why did you become a teacher?
9.  Who has inspired you the most?
10.  Pinterest Addict?
11.  Open gifts on Christmas Eve? Christmas Morning?

Here are my nominees:

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