Sunday, December 2, 2012

Place Value is the key!

I apologize for being such a slacker this week.  I had a very sick baby and was home for a few days, but it's hard to blog holding a sick baby all day.  I have been working hard on a new center activity called On The Case, Hunting For Tens Addition Center

Another great math center activity to help students grasp place value (which we all know is the key to future math success!)  The idea started in my head since going to another Singapore Math training.  The first set of cards are single-digit addends, which show the students which number to break down to easily find a ten.  The second activity involves double-digit addends (without regrouping) using what is referred to as branching method.  I usually just think of it as place value method, since the students break down the addends into tens and ones, and then add.  This method does make addition of large numbers become mental math.  The next game I'm working on is Comparing Fractional parts - my fifth grade teacher requested it. 

I'm done Christmas shopping!  I know I can hardly believe it myself, but this might be bad.  I tend to get done early, but then I find "the gift" after I already bought a gift.   Then I end up buying "the gift" because it's so perfect.  Anyway...I love this time of year.  My family goes looking at Christmas lights every Friday evening until Christmas.  BTW...we dress in our jammies before we go, and sometimes we take snacks (usually chocolate ones).  Our work Christmas party is this Friday at the principal's house.  We always do a white elephant exchange, and last year - someone gave a ream of paper.  No joking there.  We were having issues with hoarders at our campus and as soon as paper would come in (six cases mind you), they would be gone the next day.  We couldn't figure out which team (we thought we knew but could never verify it to be true).  So we basically would order one case per grade level and label them when they came in, and then teachers would have to divide up paper amongst the team and drag paper to the copier EVERY time.  Teachers HATED it, and I did too.  I don't blame them.  This year, they have copy codes.  They hate that too, but less than last year.  Anyway - the copier paper last year was the funniest item.  We had some horrible pink Christmas flamingos too.  I got a singing hat.  This year - I got some pretty funny items.  I won't disclose yet since a few of my teachers read my blog. 

Gotta crying.


  1. Looks awesome!!! Hope baby is doing better! p.s. I May have been the one that brought part of a ream of paper. I didn't even have a whole ream to share.

    1. Baby is slowly getting better. Now Sarah sounds terrible. I think this crazy Texas weather doesn't help. Lol! I hope you're coming this Friday!