Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break and Counting Money!

Ok...I am thinking that we need Spring Break at least once a month.  I could actually get some work/fun done.  I know it wouldn't be called Spring Break if it were every month, but I'm sure we could come up with names, right? 

I am really enjoying my break.  Did I mention that I've been somewhat stressed?  Here's a secret....I chewed my nails off (I haven't bitten my nails since I was a junior in high school).  And my eye was twitching non-stop for a week.  That happens when I get super stressed and tired.  Not sure why I would be tired with two girls who get up at the butt-crack of dawn EVERY morning, including weekends.  Anyway...(squirrel moment) I have done absolutely NOTHING!  It has been awesome!  Ok...I did some work.  I have been designing a T-shirt for our testing days.  Woo Hoo!!!!!  Here's a pic
Front (I realize that STAR is spelled wrong, but that's how Texas spells it for our state test) Silly, I know.

We always tell our kids to "Show What You Know!"
I'm super excited to have a shirt that isn't green or gray.  Just sayin....I love green, gray, and gold, but I get tired of the same ol' thing. 

I still need to prep my test training session....I try to throw in some funny slides to keep my audience somewhat entertained.  ok...usually I'm the only one laughing since most are math jokes, but still.  Going to throw in some....
This one is by far my favorite....

Not sure if y'all can see that, but basically this was a true/false test and the student put "C" down for EVERY answer so the professor wrote him a note stating that he had never had a student do so poorly and basically - see ya next semester.  lol

I've been spending lots of time with my girls... 

I did sneak in and work on a new math unit too.'s alot easier to get something done when work is not in the way.  lol.  I used to think kids understood money.  Most often kids had some background on coins and counting money, however recently I realized why this is now a struggle for most students.  HELLO - debit/credit cards.  I realized this when my 3 (going on 30) daughter told me to just use my card when I told her that I had no money to buy her something.  Insert long conversation to explain how money has to be in your account to use the card.  But at last, there is hope because anytime I leave my wallet around, both my girls will scream "MONEY" and open the coin slot to steal all my change to put in their piggy banks.  So...I decided to work on activities to put in centers to help reinforce counting like and various coins.  I try to do matching activity cards because students seem to be able to do this with little assistance.  I try to keep it simple and the same, usually four cards (usually pictorial, numeric, word form, and operation).  Activity #1 - Counting like coins
Then move on to various coins
Included a recording sheet, which can be used for both activities.
Lastly, the "Did they get it?"

This evaluate piece is a cut, sort, and glue activity.  My goal is to help kids realize there are lots of ways to make the given amounts, and we spend the needed time to show various ways to make the amounts.  Sometimes, I purposely forget to give them one or two of a denomination.  If you want to snag a copy, I'm doing a giveaway on TN (click the picture to enter the giveaway)
Hope you enjoy your break!  Off to veg on my couch!

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