Saturday, March 9, 2013

Logic Puzzles & Deductive Reasoning Games!

Sorry blogger here!  This time of year is so busy with testing and training and my all-time favorite DISCIPLINE!  I am currently working on a money unit, which will be my biggest one yet.  Students usually have some background on money, however now days with ATM/Debit cards - most kids have had little to no exposure.  I'm working on few activities for math centers.  In the mean time, I wanted to tell you about some games I use during transition times in class (gotta use EVERY minute)

Guess My Word
I think of a three letter word (for example, sum).  I ask the students to raise their hand if they have a guess.  When I can on a student, they announce the word they believe it to be (let's say they guess - bat).  I tell them my word is after bat in the dictionary.  Play continues until a player guesses the word.  Whoever guesses correctly comes to the front and does it with the class.  Don't let them pick a four letter word.  Just sayin.... I taught middle school, my friends.

Digit Place
Depending upon the grade level, I think of a three-digit number (for example, 789).  I ask for volunteers to raise their hand and call on someone.  Let's say they guess - 520.  I write next to their guess (0 digits right, 0 in the right place)

Guess     D     P
520         0      0

Next guess....

Guess     D     P
520         0      0
486         1      1

The great part about this game is that students decide to use some strategies pretty quick.  A great example might be their next guess

Guess    D    P
520        0     0
486        1     1
444        0     0

You get the idea.  Play continues until someone guesses my number.  Then the winner has to do it as the teacher the next round.  Word of caution - don't use 0 or repeating numbers (911) until they have a strong grasp on the game.  I easily moved to 4-digit numbers with as young as third grade once they students were ready.

Go Hawks!
This is a game that I saw another teacher do and the kids beg to play everyday.  We use this when we are lining up to leave for the next class.  I call on someone in line to give us the rule (let's say numbers divisible by 3).  Starting at the beginning of the line, students number off and when the student is to say a number divisible by 3, instead they have to say Go Hawks! the following student should continue counting....

For example....

Student 1 - One
Student 2 - Two
Student 3 - Go Hawks
Student 4 - Four

We continue number off as far as we can until the last person is standing.  If a student doesn't say Go Hawks and should have, they must sit down.  If a student doesn't know the number we are on, they must sit down.  It really helps them to develop their number relationships.  Especially when you get down to 3 kids, and they finally realize the same student says Go Hawks every time.  LOL.  I use this for divisiblity rules, multiples, primes, etc. 


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