Saturday, March 2, 2013


I am linking up with's March!!!!! How is it really March?  I'm not complaining since I NEED spring break so badly.
Listening - it's naptime here, so the hubs is playing Fable III - gamer friends - it's only 99 cents today!
Loving - that this week is short!!!!
Thinking - I try to clear my head on the weekends
Wanting - some soup, perhaps baked potato soup - I have a great crockpot recipe
Needing - some new walking shoes - perhaps that may motivate me to walk.  probably not, but hey, a girl can always use new shoes
Like - Icees from Bucees
Love - Cappucino - the ones from the machine in the gas station (not Starbucks but the cheapy)
Hate - Jell-O - it's an odd texture thing


  1. I just had soup for lunch :) Definitely perfect soup weather! Jealous of your short week- I am counting down the days until Spring Break at the end of the month.

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  2. I am also counting down days until Spring Break...although I am counting days until Report Cards and Parent-Teacher interviews first...

    You are so right...I love the Capps from our local gas station, too...they are yummy and SO much cheaper than going to the pricey coffee places!