Saturday, April 20, 2013

Product Swap!

So...this week has been insane.  I spent most of the week getting snack boxes ready for 30 testing sessions.  Then sorted the answer docs, which all codes have to be verified and booklets.  Thankfully, my wonderful counselors helped and we were ready for testing 5 days early.  Yessss.....I am bragging!  On to the Product Swap!  I joined up with Mrs. Stanford's Class for my first product swap. 
I was teamed up with Andrew with
 Right Down the Middle” style=
And she's got lots of great items.  I picked her Testing Incentives and Motivational Ideas
Here's what the pack looks like terrible lighting, sorry
I put math task cards and test prep questions/activities to do on the back.  We divided into teams because kids love competition.  Each team drew a card to compete for points.  Don't look at my coffee tin can
The group had to complete the task (examples: Convert 3 feet into inches.  Solve this word problem, etc).

Some tasks/problems were harder or longer than others
Don't look at my silly friend in the background, he was waving at me to ask me a question.
I am also planning to use the cards to tape some goodies on to for testing this week. 
My classes LOVED our game and I'm sure seeing the cards this week will bring a smile and a sweet treat to testing. 
My new friend Andrea over at Right Down The Middle has many great products in her store and I'm sure to be getting some more goodies to use with my kiddos. 


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