Thursday, August 15, 2013

Giveaway and Back To School Sale!!!!!

My friend over @ Second Grade Math Maniac is having a 1000 Follower Giveaway!  She's got some great prizes and this is the best time to win some fresh ideas to start the year off right.  I donated to her giveaway, one of my most popular items - My Math Wizards - Puzzling Math Riddles.  Go check out the giveaway
Yessss!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I plan to grab lots of stuff on my wishlist 

I am jumping on board with a Back To School Sale this weekend (Aug 18-19)  of 20% off all of my products.  Be sure to use the TpT code (BTS13) to get an extra 8%.  Not sure what to are some of my top sellers. 

First Up
I will be using my Rev Up Your Grey Matter Interactive Notebook as my warm up activity.  It is 81 pages jam packed with numerous concepts.  It can be easily modified for many grade levels (2 - 5) and even individualize for students.  This will be great for all the RTI data. 
If you want to see a photo dump on this one, look here

Second Up
Need some riddles to get the kids engaged and really thinking?  My Math Wizards - Puzzling Math Riddles will help you out.  This includes 52 cards that will make students apply their math vocabulary.  We are very fortunate to have ipods in our classes, so the answers are provided using QR codes.  Take a look. 

There is also a guess checklist for the kids to help to make sure their answer fits all the clues

Go grab it here

Third Up
I hate that time of day when the kids are starting to pack up and we have five minutes left.  I can not waste one moment I have with my students.  I started this 10 years ago and did it in my mind.  As the students were waiting, packed up - I would rattle off different questions that each had to answer to leave the room.  It started with - give me a prime number.  Composite number?  Factor of 12? each student had a different question and if I used the same question, they had to have a different answer.  A fellow teacher asked me to write the questions down so he could use them.  I made him a set (he teaches fourth grade), and recently a teacher asked me to make a primary one that was a little less challenging for her second graders.  Here's a picture of what they look like

We hang them by the door to help remind us when they line up.  Most of the time the kids are begging to do a question before they leave. 
This picture is of the newest Primary set
Hey...if you have already gone broke because there's so many great products on TpT.  I will spend way more than I make.  Take a look at my FREEBIES!  I've got some great games that I use daily. 
I open our math lesson everyday with my
Click on the image and go get one.  You'll love this game.  There are two game boards (place value labeled and no labels) 
Or an easy brain break game is
The directions are in the file.  This is a great game to play for indoor recess too.
Last, but not least...
This game makes students apply number sense and operations.  This is perfect for a station/center.  They'll beg to play it too.

Two game boards included, one primary and one intermediate. 
I am working on a Math word wall tomorrow and I'll try to get it uploaded so you can grab it on sale!!!
Enjoy!  Have a great First Day of School

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